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When friends ask why I am passionate about family history, there are several answers I can give. 

As a boy, only one grandparent was still alive by the time I can remember things. My parents moved away from our roots in Minnesota when I was two years old, but the hallway of our home was lined with pictures of family - both living and those I knew only from stories. Stories from my father’s mother, from Aunts and Uncles, cousins, extended family, and of course my parents, that I knew from yearly trips “back home” to visit relatives in Minnesota while I was growing up.  Many people associate "Family Trees” with static charts full of names and dates. My quest is to discover what I can about the people and their life stories.

Another reason, is the cliche about knowing who we are by knowing where we’ve been. Our families influence our lives in many, many ways including physically (through our genetics) and morally (through our up-bringing and experiences). Our life experiences mold our character from the building blocks of our ancestors. Remember that when you interact with your descendants!

Genealogy can be habit forming. There is always one more bit of information enticing you to look further than where you are. Any single item of information usually has clues to follow-up, whether it be names, dates, places, etc. As a horseman in the mountains of Montana, I experienced something similar. There was always another ridge to see what was on the other side. As an avid crossword fan I enjoy solving puzzles. Genealogy is a giant puzzle on a generational scale.

I have arranged this site into the four branches of my family starting with my four grandparents and working upward as far as I can document. Because of overwhelming amounts of documentation, I have limited these pages to names and facts of the individual’s lives only have included source references only - not the sources themselves. I also have information on several branches of the families up and/or down from the families you see here. There are over 14,000 people in my files and over 32,000 records.

The tree pages themselves are created using the Reunion for Mac software program. Click here for hints on how to travel through the pages. Once you get used to it, it flows pretty smoothly. I am an avid user of but since that information is not vetted for accuracy, I use it for starting points and always confirm it with other documentation.

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