Hints for finding the way…..

The following pages are designed using a “family card” system with "Reunion for Macintosh" software. Once on the “card" pages you will need to use your browser’s back arrow or click on the link in the Family Introduction on the Contents page to return to eckstroms.com main pages (created using Sandvox).

    Navigate to different areas by clicking the: Contents • Index • Surnames • Contact links at the bottom of most pages. In the Contact area of the Contents page there is a link to return to the main genealogy page on eckstroms.com.

From the “Home Card” you can:

• Click on the name of parent or child to switch to that person’s adult family card

• Click on a person’s name to switch to that person’s “Person Sheet”  which contains information about the events in that person’s life with links to source information

• Click on the tree symbol     next to a name anywhere and a chart (the family tree) displaying and linking to that persons ancestors will appear. 

From the “tree” you can:

• Click on any name in the tree to view that person’s tree

• Click on the root person in a the tree to switch to that person’s “Family Card”

• Remember, you can click on the Contents link at the bottom of any page to return to the start page

It’s pretty straight-forward once you get the hang of it, but it does take a bit of getting used to…

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