Eli “Ella” Tjovsdatter Kjelleberg (1892 - 1966)

Ella was born on 14 August 1892 to Tjostov Kjelleberg and Anna (Holum) on the family farm in Sandnes Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota near the town of Hazel Run. She was the fourth of seven children, all but one of whom survived into adulthood.

While serving as a nanny for her sister Tilda’s children in the 1910’s she met their farmhand Ingwald. Ingwald left the farm to serve a second hitch in the US Army for WWI. They married on Thanksgiving Day (27 November 1919) upon his discharge after the war.

They moved to Minneaplolis where they raised six children through the Great Depression of the 1930’s and WWII. The oldest was a boy, but the rest were girls with an age difference of 17 years between the oldest and the youngest. Ella was 27 and Ingwald was 32 when their first child was born. The doctors told Ella she probably wouldn’t have any more children after the first. She had her second child 4 years later and then they came pretty regularly two to three years apart. When the youngest was born, Ella was 45 and Ingwald was 51. They managed to keep a good attitude and produced kind children.

Ella worked as a nanny for one sister and a seamstress for another sister’s dress making business in her early years. She worked in a munitions plant making bullets in New Brighton, traveling miles from home on the streetcars during WWII. She also cleaned houses. Despite all this, she always kept a clean house and flowers in the yard.

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