also known as Løberg

Ingwald John Loberg (1886 - 1961)

Ingwald was born on 2 December 1886 to John Loberg and Marit (Wold) in Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin. He was the second of six children but two of the six were twins who died at birth. His mother also died a few months later from complications following the twins birth. 

Family lore has it that after his mother died, he and his three surviving siblings were “farmed out” to other families by their father. The records indicate that their father held the family together for about a year before they were sent to other homes. Many do not know that in the 1890’s there was an economic depression which was only topped by the Great Depression of the 1930’s in severity. I imagine it was hard for a young, single father to raise a family during these times. Regardless, Ingwald's early life was not an ideal childhood. Ingwald left the family he was with and joined the US Army in 1905. He named his uncle (his mother’s brother) as his closest relative on the enlistment forms, not his father. He also lied about his age.

After his first hitch in the Army, Ingwald held a variety of jobs, including farm laborer. He was a laborer on Ella Kjelleberg's sister’s family farm when he met Ella. She was living there as a nanny for her sister’s children. Ingwald re-enlisted in the Army for WWI and after being discharged at the end of the war, he returned to marry Ella on Thanksgiving Day in 1919.

Over his lifetime Ingwald had several professions. He was a logger, a boxer, a railroad policeman, delivered mail from a horse and wagon, a Deputy Sherrif and Jailer, and a construction worker. During WWII he worked construction for the Army in Alaska while Ella and his family stayed in Minneapolis. Ella worked at a munitions plant during the war in addition to caring for their family.

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